Hello from Fluffy & Squidge!

Ooh so it’s finally here our first ever blog post, I’ve been so excited about doing this and now I’m actually writing it I’ve decided maybe I’m not as interesting as I first thought I was.

Ok so I thought I’d start by telling you about Fluffy & Squidge, how it came about and what we do.
Hello I’m Fluffy a work at home mum (yep its not as glamorous as it sounds) I design and sell crochet creation’s something I never for one second imagined I’d be doing but I absolutely adore it, I always used to think crochet was for old people sat by the fire in rocking chairs How wrong was I newsflash crochet is cool, although I hate to admit how appealing sitting in a rocking chair by the fire sounds!
I taught myself how to crochet whilst I was pregnant and then I started designing my own creations. I soon realised that people liked what I was doing when I literally got stopped in the street asking about my daughters crazy hats and cardigans. After lots of encouragement and a bit of shoving (well an almighty kick) from Mr Squidge we set up my page

Now about Squidge she is my mini me my partner in crime, She is my intelligent, crazy, infuriating and down right beautiful daughter (Shhh don’t tell her) she is currently in hiding after trying to put raisins in the cat’s ears. I actually don’t know what’s worse the fact that she was attempting it or the fact the cat just sat and let her.

Together we form the dream team Fluffy & Squidge (until July when we introduce Squidge 2.0) oh and Mr Squidge he just tags along for the ride.
We love our little business and enjoy whatever craziness everyday brings sometimes crochet related and sometimes just the joys of having a marvellous toddler running wild taking us on her many adventure’s.

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