The Cutting of The Claws

Ok so let me apologise in advance it’s currently 4:04am, I have a small human trampolining on my bladder and I’m suffering from insomnia perfect timing for writing our next update don’t you think.

It’s been a hectic week of wool orders, back pain and toddler dramas, but we made it we survived….. Just

This week we’ve been working on a brilliant dinosaur order, I love making our character coats because let’s face it what’s cuter than a small child dressed up as their favourite animal or in this week’s case an adorable purple and pink dinosaur ? These are fast becoming a customer favourite which is fantastic because I love making each and every one them.


We also received a mammoth order of wool this week which I’m still trying to find space for that is away from little fingers who like nothing more than a brand new ball of wool to spread throughout the house. Seriously the last time Little Squidge and Mouse her partner in crime/cat with abnormally loud purr got hold of a small ball of wool it ended up in every room in the house and took Mr Squidge over an hour to unwrap from the various chair and table legs.

Struggling with severe back pain this week has made me so thankful for the laid back little diva I live with she’s quite happy to go with the flow and pootle along with very little drama as long as you comply with her simple requests, like letting her spend the morning watching TV and bumping into things whilst wearing oversized sunglasses.


Now don’t get me wrong about once a week we have a huge dramatic meltdown you know the ones where it makes you fall in love with your mini beast that tiny bit more but also breaks your heart and makes you feel like the worlds worse mum, this week it was ‘The Cutting of The Claws’….. cue dramatic music.

Going about our normal morning routine I noticed Little Squidge needed her claws trimming, so of we toddled upstairs for a manicure, all was going well until she screamed “Oh No Fingers” and promptly started crying full on tears my heart skipped a beat thinking for a split second I’d cut off one of her tiny fingers. She whipped her hand away and frantically started trying to reattach the nail clippings to her fingers whilst sobbing “Fingers gone” I couldn’t help but laugh at the determination on her little face. I eventually calmed her down but only by allowing her to carry the little tissue package containing her nail clippings and promising her a banana. She reluctantly huffed downstairs and spent a good 30 minutes stroking her fingers and kissing each one while whispering “It’s ok fingers”.

Now I know I felt absolutely horrendous for causing her so much upset and I know I’ve probably traumatised her for life but a tiny part of me was chuckling away thinking I can’t wait to retell this story when you’re 18 and you cant understand why you have a phobia of cutting your nails ?

With Fluffy Love and Squishes

Fluffy & Squidge xxx


6 thoughts on “The Cutting of The Claws

  1. He he! That’s funny, bless her. I hope she’s gotten over the cutting now! The dinosaur jackets are fab as is the sheep hat – you’re so talented xx

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