A week of learning and adventure

Were a bit delayed in our post this week so it’s a two in one 🙂 We have had such a busy and incredibly hard week at Fluffy HQ we are very much discovering the whole juggling thing and the biggest lesson we learnt this week is that you just cannot please everyone.

It is such a lovely feeling when someone compliments you on what you are doing, or say’s how much they love your designs, It is an even nicer feeling when you get somebody requesting an order from you especially if it is something that you can inject with a bit of artistic flair. However what some people don’t often realise is that having your own craft business isn’t easy in fact it is one of the hardest tasks I have ever embarked on there are many sacrifices you make along the way often without realising that it is happening

  • “Free Time” (Hobbies? What are these?)
  • Having an especially tidy house (Other than the quick tidy around and hoover my beautiful sanctuary is long gone)
  • Making things from scratch (I used to spend hours trying out new recipes or trying out new crafts I’d found on Pinterest)
  • A lot of  social outings and missed opportunities (Missed playdates, nights with friends and relaxed evenings in front of the tv)
  • Time with my family (After Little Squidge is in bed is the time to really get orders and invoices in line so snuggly time on the sofa watching movies is a thing of the past)

These customers are hard to deal with and often leave you feeling deflated if you can’t meet their expectations like having a blanket and hat set made for yesterday. Luckily these kinds of customers are few and far between and you can’t stay deflated for long as you never know who your next customer will be.

Another thing that has been hard to deal with as a new business is trying to keep a steady flow of orders and keeping my page updated with foreign concepts such as post reach, boosts and activity log which now have all become second nature to me. I worried if I didn’t update a status everyday I’d be forgotten or I’d go into full panic mode if my post reach suddenly dropped, but now I’ve taken a step back I don’t panic if I don’t answer a message within 3 minutes, I don’t get upset if my post reach is a bit low (however I do an almighty celebratory dance if it is good) I am very lucky to have built a lovely group of understanding customers many who have returned to order different items again and again.

Over the last week or so we realised we’d answered all our inbox messages and replied to posts, Our current orders were on track and all customers were updated. So Little Squidge found herself having a fun filled week without me trying to squeeze in extra crochet time she spent some time with her best friend in the whole world her Papa Scruff they go on many a wild adventure in the garden building fires, jumping in puddles and investigating ice in wheelbarrows. This particular time they wore 3D glasses and had lot’s of fun looking like rock stars.


We managed to get in some extra playgroups where she made easter cards, She went to the hospital with me and Mr Squidge to meet her new brother or sister, which was an exciting outing for all involved even baby Puddle Pea (as christened by Little Squidge) had a kicking party, and finally she spent lot’s of time in the garden with her partner in crime and her new chalks.

















All in all we’ve had a lovely relaxed week and I still managed to stay on top of the workload which just goes to prove that with a bit of careful planning and understanding customers everything can be fitted in, now I can’t say that over the next few weeks I’ll still be as calm and relaxed about the home/workload situation but for now this week has been a good week for re grouping. I have sat back and done a lot of thinking I know thing’s I’d like to change and improve in the coming months and I’ve also started a sneaky pattern design which I think certain customers will love (it’s been a long time coming)


Watch this space and Thank You for your continued Support


With Fluffy Love and Squishes xxx



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