The catch up…

Well we’ve had a long few months break adjusting to a family of 4. Wow I never knew how busy life could be running around after 2 children I wake up on Monday morning and by the time I’ve sat down it’s Friday and I’m wondering where the whole week has gone.

Little Squidge has started pre-school now two afternoons a week (I know, I know she needs to stop growing) and Puddle is 7 months old crawling all over the place and getting up to mischief. We’ve also recently moved to a quiet little village well it was quiet until Little Squidge arrived and she likes to introduce herself enthusiastically to everyone she meets, luckily it’s not one of those villages that falls eerily silent when you walk in the room because your new and not one of the locals.

Life is finally settling into some kind of routine now and I don’t feel like I’m just bobbling along with 2 little humans anymore. I can now start reigning back a smidge of time for me and can start uploading all my blog posts I’ve been scribbling down on random bits of paper.

Although my days rush by in a blur and most the time my friend’s feel like I’ve abandoned them in a flurry of rain checks (sorry guy’s I love you all really) I couldn’t be more content sitting at my sewing machine or getting an hour with my crochet hook not only gives me a chance to work on orders it gives me a bit of time to sit and reflect on how incredibly lucky I am.

Fluffy and Squidge has presented me with so many opportunities which I can’t wait to share as we progress on this exciting adventure ?

With Fluffy love and Squishes xxx

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