The New Neighbours

So we’ve been living in our lovely new house for a few months now and we are truly settled it took a little while as we moved from a bustling town full of convenience shops to a little village with nothing but a post office and 2 pubs.

Little Squidge loves her big garden and has become a proper little twitcher feeding the birds is her first job of the day although she won’t touch the wiggly snakes (dried mealworms) we also have a friendly hedgehog we often spot as well as 2 foxes who frequently visit.

Last weekend me and Puddle went away for a hen party (Puddle on tour is a whole new blog post ?) whilst we were away 2 new neighbours moved in much to Little Squidge’s delight. Mr Squidge called me to tell me how jealous I would be when I find out who exactly had moved in, however he cryptically said he would send photos.

Now everyone was intrigued what or who had moved in? Why would I be jealous? What had got Little Squidge and Mr Squidge so giddy with excitement? So many questions and no signal to get answers typical!

Later that day my phone went crazy with notifications as everyone gathered round to see the pictures, when I saw them I knew exactly why Mr Squidge was so smug, damn right I was jealous meet the new neighbours and Little Squidge’s newest best friend’s Mint and Sauce (I know to make me feel better I’ve renamed them in my head) so let me introduce you to Fleecie and Betty 

Little Squidge talks about her lambs all the time and just loves interacting with them plus they are super cute so mummy is quite happy to oblige when she asks if she can go and play with them. 

The adventures of Little Squidge continues, let’s see what she befriends next lol

With Fluffy love and Squishes x

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