Growing up and Changing…..

This week has been quite an emotional week for me, Little Squidge had her end of year performance at pre-school, I watched her bellow out the lyrics to Annies “Tomorrow” and nail the dance routine as a bumble bee. I laughed and marveled at my super strong girl twirling around in a rainbow tutu accompanied by Mr Moo who of course wore a tutu as well.

I watched Puddle confidently let go of her Daddy’s hand and stare at him as she stood on her own with a big toothy grin on her face, and listened to her wake up from her nap by shouting “Hiya Mama” down the stairs.

Even now whilst typing I can hear Little Squidge teaching Puddle something new with her toy’s, I have no idea what it is but every now and then I hear the words ” Well done sweetheart” and then both of them exploding in giggles.

I hear it over and over again, about how we should savour every moment because time is fleeting with our babies, blink and they are leaving university.

I however take a different stance on the whole idea of savouring every moment as lets face it savouring every moment can be a slightly difficult task when your child is going nuclear in the line at the supermarket because you wouldn’t buy her the mens spiderman boxer shorts she’d spotted and you can’t get the smell of baby poo out of your thumb (admit it we’ve all done that thing when you go to change a nappy and stick your thumb in it, no matter how much you scrub that is all your thumb will smell of for the rest of the day)

When I first started writing this post I thought it would be me sobbing into my laptop remembering my tiny little babies and pining for the little scrunchy newborn cuddles. I thought I would simply sit and reminisce about the time Little Squidge wouldn’t fall asleep without holding my hand, or the afternoons sitting on the sofa with a snoozing newborn.

I honestly thought that my heart would break watching Little Squidge go to the toilet on her own whilst announcing ” I don’t need you to help mummy, I’m a big girl” or seeing her join in her first sports day with such determination and concentration she was like a little warrior heading into battle.

As much as I hate how quickly the day’s are passing , I am also filled with joy that I get to watch it. That I get a front row seat to witness my beautiful girl’s grow and learn and become their own little people. I suppose thats the trade off you get for the sadness we feel when our babies become more independant.

I have come to the realisation that you don’t need to be sad your littlies are growing up. You can be really excited, because learning and growing and moving on are happy healthy things. Having big independant kids is fabulous for a variety of different reasons

:- They start to actually show interest in things and if your lucky you’ll share their interests, Little Squidge loves her Superheros and only last week declared to me that when she grows bigger like Daddy she will go to work as Dr Batman.

:- Little Squidge is learning sarcasm and is developing a cracking sense of humour, she’ll occasionally come out with the funniest one liner and we’ll both die laughing together (Although telling our elderly neighbour that mummies boobies are exploding because they are so big might make her crease up but shockingly doesn’t have the same effect on me)

:- They run of and play with their friends, like literally go away and play nicely for whole long groups of minutes at a time. Honestly it’s true sometimes they even forget your there and you can drink not one but two cups of tea it will make you so proud.

:- They put their own clothes away and at this tender age they actually want to do it, Little Squidge gets so excited when she has a a big pile of clean laundry ready to put in her drawers. So Mummy makes it extra special and lets her do hers as well because who wants to deny a 3 year old the joy of putting clothes away.

So as you can see there is so much good stuff to come and I’m far too busy loving the little people my babies are becoming to miss the old stuff, the bigger they get the more interesting they are, and as the stroppy attitudes creep into our lives and believe me they are slowly making an appearance I can tell it wont all be a sweet smelling bunk bed of roses. But I’ll savour what I can, survive the rest, and move onto the next stage with all its glorious challenges.

With Fluffy Love and Squishes

Fluffy & Squidge xxx



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